2011 Practice Times

All practices are at Bethany Park (corner of Legacy and Communidad) unless otherwise specified.

Novice Division

Bengals (Coach Gardner)-Wed 500 pm
Bucs (Coach Brewer)-Mon & Fri 530 pm

Chargers (Coach Gilchrist)-Thu 500 pm
Dolphins (Coach Perez)-Wed 500 pm
Jets (Coach Gamboa)-Fri 600 pm
Steelers (Coach Kahoone)-Tue 6 pm (Bethany School) & Thu 6 pm (Bethany Park)
Sophomore Division

Cardinals (Coach Salazar)-Wed 530 pm (Bethany School)
Eagles (Coach Baldi)-Tue 500 pm & Thu 500 pm
Falcons (Coach Funk)-Wed 600 pm
Giants (Coach Dibiase)-Mon 600 pm & Wed 600 pm & Fri 600 pm (All practices at Altamont Park)
Lions (Coach Carillo)-Wed 600 pm (Bethany School)
Vikings (Coach Green)-Tue 600 pm & Thu 600 pm (All practices at Bethany School)

JV Division

Chiefs (Coach Pilon)-Fri 500 pm (Bethany School)
Colts (Coach Grondz)-Thu 600 pm
Dolphins (Coach Froboese)-Wed 500 pm

Raiders (Coach Suzuki)-Wed 600 pm
Ravens (Coach Gustafson)-Fri 500 pm (Bethany School)
Titans (Coach Hill)-Thu 600 pm
Varsity Division

49ers (Coach Kol)-Alternating Mon 500 pm & Thu 500 pm (All practices at Bethany School)
Bears (Coach Olsen)-Tue 600 pm & Fri 600 pm
Cowboy (Coach Sanchez)-Tue 530 pm
Packers (Coach Healy)-Tue 600 pm
Updated 8/24/11