2012 Youth Flag Football Season

Season #4 is over!  Thanks for all the volunteers who helped this year to make our season a great success!


Our league increased from 198 players and 22 teams last year to 236 players and 24 teams this year!  That's at 19% increase! 
Including the cheer program, we had a total of 289 players/cheerleaders.  That's at 46% increase! 


Rules for kids

1  Learn discipline-Listen to your commissioner and coaches.
2  No bad behavior-No fighting, bullying, tackling, kicking, biting, pushing, swearing, etc.
3  HAVE FUN!!!


Rules for coaches
1  Learn the league rules (its short so please read it a couple of times or 10 times)
2  Help referee (you may be asked to referee each week).
3  Focus on fun and fundamentals, not winning
4  No negativity
5  No running up the scores
6  Find a parent each week to bring two gallons of water and be the official score/time keeper (home team).
7  Make sure the kids get equal (or close to equal) playing time!

2012 Training Camp (July 14, 2012)
Part I - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBspjum1zys&feature=relmfu
Part II - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8XhIAOqg9w
Part III - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDDCTboUIe0

1st ever MHFF Olympics (JV and Varsity)
Around the park run
Gold-Jerome Fulgado Jr
Silver-Caleb Clements
Bronze-Hunter Hansen
Long throw
Gold-Josh Grande
Silver-Joey Corden
Bronze-Matteya Cobbs
25 yard dash
Gold-Jerome Fulgado Jr
Silver-Joey Corden
Bronze-Caleb Clements
1st ever MHFF Olympics (Sophomore and Novice)
Around the park run
Gold-Oliver Johnson
Silver-Nathan Fountaine
Bronze-Tiernan Beaton
Long throw
Gold-Dylan de Lemos
Ayden Marse
Bronze-Mason Laird
25 yard dash
Gold-Jake Scarborough
Silver-Christian Sandeford
Bronze-Ayden Marse



Ages:  5-14 (2007-1998 birthdays)
Registration Period:  March 15-July 7, 2012

Training Camp:
Saturday July 14, 9-1030 am for ages 4-9 (2007-June 1, 2003), 1030 am-12 noon for ages 9-14 (before May 31 2003-1998)
Preseason:  July 14-August 24, 2012

Season:  11 Saturday games (August 25-November 3)
Practice days:  Weekly, day(s) and time(s) to be determined by coach
Number and Length of Practices:  Max of two practices a week, max of 90 minutes per practice.  Min of one 60 minute practice a week.
Length of Games:  Two 25 minute halves with a 3 minute half-time
Format:  Five on five, non-contact flag football
Locations: Bethany Park (corner of Communidad and Legacy) or Bethany School (corner of Communidad and Heritage) in Mountain House

Cost:  $90 (payable to Mountain House Flag Football), $110 after July 7

Jerseys:  Players will receive a personalized jersey (with last name and selected number) and a pair of league shorts with flags
Equipment:  Cleats with nonmetal spikes are strongly recommended.  Footballs, flags and cones will be provided to the coaches for use during the season

Volunteers:  Please contact us and complete the volunteer application form (see below) if you are interested in volunteering to coach, referee or support the league in any other ways

Please mail check (payable to Mountain House Flag Football), registration form (see below), waiver form (see below) to:
         Mountain House Flag Football, 92 Sean Ave, Mountain House CA 95391

OR you may now send a payment via PayPal to registration@mhflagfootball.com.

No refunds after July 7th.

Questions:  Please contact Andy Su at andy@mhflagfootball.com or 408-858-1227


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