2015 Event

Thank you to all the sponsors and photographers and princesses and vendors for helping us 
make this the best ARA ever!

What:  A Princess Themed Event

Date:  Saturday, April 25, 2015

Time:  3-5 pm

Location:  MH High School multi-purpose room (cafeteria)

Fees:  $15 per ticket (adults or children/infant)


Do your kids like princesses? Do you like princesses? Well, then this is the event for you.

Your ticket includes the following:

-Face paintings


-Balloon animals

-Temporary tattoos

-Nail painting

-Princess bingo

-Yummy snacks

-Raffle baskets

-ARA t-shirts (white and black)

-Goody bags

All proceeds benefit the Mountain House Youth Flag Football & Youth Cheer



MH Elite x 2 - Josh and Treasure Anderson, Gevon Polgar and Nansi Essalou

Run Jump and Play Summer Camp - Cynthia Melara-Basurto

MH Monkeys - Jacqueline Arrizano

KAM Learning Center - Sarah Taylor and Donshea Williams

Copy Station - Greg Holtz

MH Elite - Mike Samawi

MH Real Estate - Drew Jacobsen

Intero Real Estate Services - Shelley Puentes

Local businesses that would like to sponsor the event, please contact Corey Strock at 

corey@mhflagfootball.com or Andy Su at andy@mhflagfootball.com

Questions?  Please contact Corey Strock at corey@mhflagfootball.com or Andy Su 

at andy@mhflagfootball.com


Chuck Bryan-Engrained Images

Chad Cochran

Ron Davis

Renee Shields

Tyrenda Pendecost

Jinsook and Jung Thomas

Graphic Designer

Sang Yeo


Colleen JacobsenPrincess - Belle
Valera StoreyPrincess - Rapunzel
Cathy NievesPrincess - Pocahontas
Alexia KahooneiPrincess - Elsa
Dominique KahooneiPrincess - Cinderella
Liz MarkwellPrincess - Anna
Tami HoltzPrincess - Snow White
Victoria CochranPrincess - Ariel
Amber NielsenPrincess - Tinkerbell
KiahnaPrincess - Tiana
Jenna NielsenPrincess - Merida

A Royal Affair Committee

Corey Strock

Amber Strock

Lynnete Hapgood

Casey Taylor

Valera Storey Know

Ruby Trejo