2016 MH Halloween Parade

Adult costume winner - Games of Thrones (The Polgar Group)

Big Kid costume winner - Jack in the Box (Wolf)

Little Kid costume winner - Cupcake (Ramos)

What:  4th Annual MH Flag Football Halloween Parade

Date:  Sunday, October 30, 2016

Starting Time:  1 pm (should last about 30 minutes)

Location:  Bethany Park, Mountain House, California

Fees:  None!  OPEN to all kids (big and small) in Mountain House.

Description:  Bring your ghosts, goblins, super heroes and princesses and march with them in the longest running family event in the history of Mountain House (originally started by the MH Mothers Club who organized the first 9 events).  The Parade will be followed by a Best Costume contest.  Continue the tradition.  Get some candy.  Win some prizes.

The parade will start at  1 pm and your kids will get to trick or treat at various stations around the park set up by various sponsors and local groups and friendly neighbors.

Questions?  Please contact Andy Su at andy@mhflagfootball.com

Sponsors/Candy Givers

Mike Samawi (Team Samawi) $250 donation

Treasure and Josh Anderson (MH Elite)  $250 donation

Gevon & Mario Polgar & Nansi Essalou (The Polgar Group) $250 donation

Susan Helget (Spencer Flooring and Paint)  $100 donation

Dr Nelson Hu (New Smile Orthodontics)  $100 donation

Vanitha Daniel (Smartling Learning Center)  $100 donation

Ruth Cassidy (Rodans & Fields)

Nate and Susan King (Once Upon a Child)

Patricia and Bryan Harrison (MH Matters)

Shelley Puentes (Intero)

Billy Jordan (Johnny Garlics)

David Pombo

Trevor and Stacey Main (MHLL)

Tatiana Valenzuela (Chrysalis Body and Soul Therapy)

Corey Strock (SOMOHO)

Jill Decoteau (MH Mothers Club)

Candice Tubera (WWOW)

Brittany Mangini (Elevate Youth)

Susan Lapena (Rhomes Bistro)

Joann Johnson (Mary Kay)

Heidi Herrera (World Financial Group)

Priya Prasad (The Art of Living Foundation)

Dr Maneeza Kulaly (Pavillion Dental Office)

Bernadette Troncales-Weir (Catalina Realty Investments)


Alicia Hernandez (Klemm) - $250 donation

Marylou Edwards (MomentumMortgage) - Movie tickets basket