Co-ed Softball Rules

I.  Eligibility
-All players must be 18 or over to play (born before June 13, 1995).  Players younger than 18 may play with league approval.

II.  Team Roster
-Minimum of 10 players (at least 5 must be women) and maximum of 16 players on the roster.
-Changes to the roster must be approved by league officials.

III.  Game length
-7 Innings or 1 hour which ever is shorter.
-No inning can start after 50 minutes.
-If the score is tied before 50 minutes, extra innings can start.
-If the score is tied after 50 minutes, the game is declared a tie.

IV.  Pitching
-Pitch to your own team.
-Each batter gets 4 pitches.
-If the player fails to put the ball in play after 4 pitches (including fouls), the player is out.
-A player can strike out on 3 pitches but the third must be a miss (not a foul).

V.  Batting
-No consecutive men batters.  If a team has more men then women, the women will rotate between every men batter.  For example, if a team has 8 men and 4 women, the women will get two at bats for every men at ball.
-No bunting or soft hits.

VI.  Base-running
-Runner cannot leave the base until ball is put in play.
-No stealing allowed.
-No sliding allowed.
-If a base runner gets hit by a ball, he/she is considered out.
-Home plate is always a force out.  Runner does not have to touch home plate.  The player just needs to run past it (to avoid collisions).

VII.  Fielding
-Maximum of 10 players in the field (at least 5 must be women). 
-May play with 8 or 9 in the field (at least 4 must be women).
-Players on the bench must rotate in every other inning (cannot sit for consecutive innings).
-Interfering with the runner (in the path of the runner) will result in the runner taking the next base.

VIII.  Equipment
-Only USAAA approved and similar bats may be used.
-12 inch ball will be used for men, 12 or 11 inch ball will be used for women
-League will provide balls and bases for the games.
-Uniforms/shirts of the same color are required.

IX.  Umpire
-Umpire will keep score and the start and end time.
-Umpire will make all foul territory calls and out calls.

X.  Sportsmanship
-League officials may eject player(s) from the game for any act of poor sportsmanship including foul language.  
-Players may also be suspended for 1 or more games or removed from the league entirely for poor sportsmanship with no refund.

XI.  Other
-12 run lead after 4.5 or 5 innings ends the game.
-No smoking or alcohol allowed on the field or dugout.
-A forfeit will be declared if a team does not have 8 players (4 or more women) 10 minutes after the scheduled time.
-Rules may be changed or adjusted as necessary by league officials.