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2010 Practice Times

Varsity Division
49ers (Coach Olsen)               Tue 630 pm        Fri 630 pm
Cowboys (Coach Dulaney)     Wed 630 pm
Packers (Coach Caling)         Thu 6 pm
Vikings (Coach Juarez)          Wed 5 pm
JV Division
Chiefs (Coach Ayala)              Tue 6 pm            Fri 6 pm
Colts (Coach Hill)                     Wed 6 pm
Jets (Coach Page)                  Tue 5 pm
Raiders (Coach Juarez)          Tue 5 pm
Sophomore Division
Cardinals (Coach Waters)      Mon 6 pm
Eagles (Coach Baldi)              Tue 5 pm            Thu 5 pm

Patriots (Coach Gutierrez)      Tue 630 pm        Thu 630 pm
Saints (Coach Salazar)           Thu 6 pm

Novice Division
Bucs (Coach Funk)                   Wed 6 pm
Chargers (Coach Green)         Wed 530 pm
Dolphins (Coach Pilon)            Fri 530 pm
Panthers (Coach Mullen)          Fri 6 pm
All practices are held at Bethany Park (at the corner of Legacy and Comunidad) in Mountain House.