Hot Weather Policy

1) I use both the Weather Channel website and the OSHA NIOSH Heat Safety Tool app (coaches should download this) to monitor temperature.  Sometimes different sites show different temperatures but these are what I'm using.

2) The Heat Safety Tool (Heat Index) app is the most precise because it predicts what it will feel like based on various factors such as humidity, shade and wind (not just actual temp) because if its 100 degrees out but there are 40 mph winds, it may only feel like 90 in the sun and 80 in the shade.  

3) If the heat index is at 103 or higher at the start of practice, I may cancel all practices.  If the temp is 97-102 degrees, Ill leave that decision to the coaches and parents.  Obviously, if you decide to practice (or let your kids go to practice), give the kids plenty of time to rest and hydrate.

Any questions, please email me.  

Andy Su, MD
President and Commissioner
MH Flag Football