MH Fitness Club

Welcome to Mountain House Fitness Club (a division of Mountain House Flag Football, Inc.), the first fitness organization in Mountain House.

Annual membership fee:  $20 individual, $30 family (immediate family), $10 youth only.

1) Discount at Total Performance Fitn
ess Training Center, a brand new training center on the corner of MH Parkway and Schulte Rd (across from the Subway) about 8 minutes away from MH. 

*Members of our Fitness Club will get a $50 discount off the regular enrollment fee of $150.  Members will also get a 50% discount off the regular monthly fee of $39.95 (a monthly $20 value).  So in the first year, your $20 membership fee will save you $290 at TPF Training Center.  The monthly fee at TPF includes unlimited use of equipment.  See for more details.  This discount expires on November 30 so act now!

2) 50% off 1st month tuition (a $30 value) at Classic Gymnastics in Tracy (new students only).  See for more details.

100% of club membership fees will go to supporting youth sports in our community.   No director, officer or staff will receive any financial compensation from our nonprofit.

To join our club, please complete the waiver form below and mail it with your membership fee
(payable to MHFF) to:

Mountain House Flag Football
92 Sean Ave
Mountain House, CA 95391

Questions? Please contact Andy Su at

Andy Su,
Sep 25, 2011, 9:15 PM