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Club Rules

Official Rules (version 20.1)

1.  Unless specified below, USGA rules will govern play.

2.  Registration fee must be received 2 weeks prior to the tournament.

3.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to tournament start time.

4.  Handicaps will be calculated with MH Golf Club’s tournament scores only.  No other handicaps will be used.

5.  Format is stroke play (unless otherwise specified.)

6.  White tees (unless otherwise specified.)

7.  Maximum hole score is triple bogie (you must pick up your ball when you reach triple bogie.)

8.  No mulligans.

9.  Ready golf.

10.  Free drop from cart paths (one club length from cart path).

11.  Lift, clean and replace (within 6 inches) allowed on fairway and rough but no closer to the hole.

12.  Penalty for lost balls, OB shots and unplayable lie is 1 stroke (not stroke and distance) and place the ball one club length from where the ball was lost, went OB or unplayable.

13.  Smoking is not allowed.

14.  Collar shirts required.