MHFF Hall of Fame

Players (8+ years)

2017 Inductees

Ayden Marse & Evan Marse

2016 Inductees

Logen Keller

Devin Awbery

Tim Funk

Coaches (6+ years of head coaching)

2017 Inductee

Herman Pahulu

2016 Inductee

Chad Cochran

2015 Inductees

Kelly Pilon

Eric Hill

2014 Inductees

Joe Olsen Sr


Referees (50+ hours of refereeing)

2017 Inductee

Darren Hill

2014 Inductee

Adam Sanchez*


2013 Inductee

Vinnie Laubacher


2012 Inductees

Eric Hill

Corey Strock

Zack Johnson*

Chris Lamb*

Fred Juarez*

Ben Juarez*

Jerry Perez*

*Requirement was less than 50