MHFF Hall of Fame

Players (8+ years)

2019 Inductees

Maxwell Laird
Jake Frazier
Nathan Jang
Brodderick Hapgood
Wyland Hapgood
Armon Naweed
Madden Harada
Preston Wiedner
Elijah Cochran
Callahan Healy
Andy Su

2018 Inductee

Justin Fulgado

2017 Inductees

Ayden Marse & Evan Marse

2016 Inductees

Logen Keller

Devin Awbery

Tim Funk

Coaches (6+ years of head coaching)

2019 Inductees

Andres Gamboa

Derek Freligh

Sergio Perry

Drew Jacobsen

2018 Inductees

Justin Frazier

Jerome Fulgado Sr

Mike Wiedner

2017 Inductee

Herman Pahulu

2016 Inductee

Chad Cochran

2015 Inductees

Kelly Pilon

Eric Hill

2014 Inductee

Joe Olsen Sr


Referees (50+ hours of refereeing)

2019 Inductees

Chad Cochran

David Laird

Tom Baldi

2018 Inductees

Sammy Olsen

Stephanie Olsen

Jacob Patin

Chase Clements

Jon Healy

Justin Frazier

2017 Inductee

Darren Hill

2014 Inductee

Adam Sanchez (48 games)*


2013 Inductee

Vinnie Laubacher


2012 Inductees

Eric Hill

Corey Strock

Chris Lamb (48 games)*

Zack Johnson (45 games)*

Ben Juarez (37 games)*

Fred Juarez (34 games)*

Jerry Perez (29 games)*

*Requirement was less than 50