MHFF Creek Trail Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is back (12/14/21)!

2021 Treasure Hunt

What:  A fun, family friendly,  out-door and Covid19 safe activity for your family or friends (may take 30-45 minutes depending on your walking pace and searching ability)

When:  December 1-31

Where:  MH Creek North Trail 

Park on the south bound side of Central Parkway (if you are coming from Wicklund, Bethany or any other villages or cities south of Central Park, you will want to make a U-turn at the end of Central Pkwy to park of the south bound side) just south of the intersection of Giotto and Central Parkway and north of the baseball field.  

A shorter trail this year but just as scenic.  Please stay on the trail at all times during the hunt.  Thank you!

Cost:  Free!  No registration required

Prizes:  Enter a drawing for a few Amazon e-gift cards 

Description:  Take a walk along the MH Creek Trail and look for various clues (you don't have to leave the trail to see the clues) that you will need to solve the puzzle.  Please be careful on the trail!  No falling allowed.  At the end of your hunt, look for a map to a treasure box with the final clue.   

When you solve the puzzle, email your "answer" to to be entered into the drawing for the gift cards.

Jorge J Handyman
Mike Samawi of Team Samawi / Compass
Warren Ernst of Warren Ernst Real Estate Group
Diea Schum of Donohue Fitzgerald
Drew Jacobsen of Go2 Realty Pros
Shaheen Pasha of Pasha Brokerage
Claudia Gomez of Keller Williams
Jeanevive Legados - Realtor at Realty One Group Zoom
West Valley Disposal
Brightview Landscaping
Dr Andrew Trosien of Trosien Orthodontics
Salah Salah - Realtor at Realty One Group Zoom
Navi Hyare of Genius Kids Tracy
Lewis Sanders of Sanders Realty Group

2020 Treasure Hunt

The Winners ($100 Amazon gift certificate!)  Congratulations!
Lina H Phua
Sarah Northum
Badrinarayanan Family
Afsheen Kiran
Kyal Patel
Starling Family
Patin Family
Roelle Family
Gilbert Wong 
Stephanie Martin

What:  A fun, family friendly,  out-door and Covid19 safe activity for your family or friends (should take 1-2 hours depending on your walking pace and searching ability)

Where:  MH Creek Trail (start at the corner of Escuela and Heritage)

When:  November 21 (8 am)-December 20 (6 pm)

Cost:  Free!

Description:  No registration required.  Go when you have time.  Take a walk along the MH Creek Trail (please do not leave the path) and look for various "treasures" (please do not take them or damage them) and clues that you will need to complete the quiz below.  Be careful when crossing streets!  See map below for route.

Prizes?  Of course.  Send a pic of you and a treasure you found (any of them) and the answers to the quiz below (to be found on the treasure hunt) to me ( before 6 pm December 17 to be eligible for the drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card!  *The answers may be found on the "treasure" or in the general vicinity.  One entry per family.

Quiz (please do not post answers anywhere)

1.  The creek park is home to many feral cats.  During 2012, Mountain House was in the news for the infamous Mountain Lion Incident.  The “mountain lion” turned out to be a fat feral cat later adopted by one of our residents.  What was his adopted name?

2.  The MH Royal Affair was a very popular Disney princess event organized by MH Flag Football from 2014 to 2016.   Which 3 volunteers dressed up as Disney characters in all 3 events?

3.  Nerf Wars was a fun activity organized by MHFF in 2019 based on the Star Wars franchise.  Nerf Wars II was scheduled before it was canceled due to the pandemic.  Who was the designer of the Nerf Wars and Nerf Wars II logos?

4.  Some of you know that MH Flag Football Youth League started in 2009 with 80 kids.  How many kids were in the league in 2010 (year 2)?

5.  MH Flag Football Youth League Hall of Fame Coach Mike Wiedner won back to back league championships with this team.

6.  During the 2008 MHCSD Election to elect our own independent board for the first time, there were 18 candidates running for 5 spots.  While current board members Andy Su and Bernice Tingle came in 1st and 4th, who came in 5th place in that election? 

7.  What famous person (photo of) did you see on your hunt?

8.  The MH Halloween Parade, which has been organized by MH Flag Football since 2013, is the longest running event in MH.  Which club started this event in 2003? 

9.  The MH Golf Club, a division of MH Flag Football, has played 79 tournaments over the last 10 years at various golf courses.  What course was the farthest one from Mountain House and how many miles away from MH was it?

10.  MH Basketball, a division of MH Flag Football, had an adult basketball league in 2010.  During that season, how many teams were in the league?

11.  Andy Su, the founder of MH Flag Football and MH Tennis Club and the current head varsity coach of both MHHS tennis teams, has won 40 tennis tournaments in his tennis career.  All but 4 of those were in California.  What two states were the other 4 wins in?

12. In 2013, MH Flag Football took over the MH Kite Run from the MHCSD and worked the MH Runners Club to host the race 7 years in a row from 2013 to 2019.  Corey Strock, a long-time MH Flag Football board member, was also one of the founders of MH Runners Club.  Who were the other 3?

*Choosing to participate in this event means that you read and agree with the waiver and release below.

Any questions?  Please email me at


Angad Bhullar of Big Rock Realty
Gevon Polgar of The Polgar Group, Inc
Seth Conley and Marylou Edwards-Ramos of Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation Mountain House Team
Mike Samawi of Team Samawi / Compass
Drew Jacobsen of Go2Realty Pros
Paul Epley of Charles Gracie Jiu-Jitsu 
Eric Luchini of Luchini Landscaping
Jasbir Gulati of Jas Gulati Realty
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Emoru Friday of The Scent Spot
Dr Nelson Hu of New Smile Orthodontics

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