Nerf Wars

Due to the evil Covid19, Nerf Wars Episode II has been postponed til a later date

Nerf Wars Episode II

Date: Sunday March 29


1200-130 (youngest kids probably grades K-3)

130-300 (middle group probably grades 4-6)

300-430 (older kids probably grades 7-10)

*Age divisions subject to change.

Location:  Bethany Park

Cost: $20 (must pre-register and sign waiver before the event)

Bring your own nerf guns (2 max) but no darts (must use the blue or red darts provided by us)

Bring goggles (eye protection required).

Limited edition Nerf Wars Episode II t-shirts (black with logo) can be pre-ordered for $20. 

To register, volunteer, order tshirt or sponsor the event, please email me at


This is a fundraiser for MH Flag Football.  100% of the proceeds goes back to youth sports in MH. 


*Volunteers, please come to Central Park (next to baseball field) at 1115 am.  Bring eye protection (or glasses), lunch (you will have a chance to eat from 1130-1200 and your volunteer form.

Date:  Sunday 2/24 & Sunday (3/3 rescheduled for 4/7)
Location:  Central Park

Fee:  $10 (1 life per period) or $20 (1 life per period + 2 extra lives to be used at any time)
Space limited to 40 kids per level so please register prior to event.

Levels & times:
Grades 1-3 will be 1200-130 pm
Grades 4-6 will be 130-300 pm
Grades 7-9 will be 300-430 pm

*Please show up 15 minutes prior to start time

To register, please email
(you will need to submit the fee and a signed waiver)


Nerf Wars Rules


-Must register to play

-Must bring parent or guardian signed waiver (or sign waiver at event)

-Must bring fee (if not prepaid)

-Must bring and wear eye protection.

-Must bring own guns (up to 3) that use either the blue elite dart or the red mega dart.

-May bring empty dart carrier

-Do not bring darts (blue elite dart or red mega dart will be provided).

-Must wear “uniforms” provided.

-Come 15 minutes prior to start of event



-Four 15 minute per period in the match

-Up to 20 players per team 

-Each team will be on the attacking side twice and defending side twice.

-Each team will have 2 minute to strategy prior to start of clock.

-Must stay in bounds during play unless eliminated.

-Must stay off and not move barriers.

-No shooting eliminated players.

-No deliberate head shots (you may be removed from play)

-To use extra life (re-spawn), please exit arena and check in with commissioner.

-Elimination requires a direct shot to any part of the body (no ricochets allowed).  Gun does not count as part of body.

-When hit (honors system), put gun above head and walk outside of the arena.  Refs may remind you that you’ve been eliminated.

-Match ends when objective captured and returned to home or all players are eliminated.

-Must help pick up and return all darts after each period and at the end of the match

*A limited edition (only printing 32) Nerf Wars Episode I t-shirt will be sold at the event fro $15.

** Parents please bring chairs to sit on to watch the event.