Where are they now?

Out of the 1000s of kids that have participated in our flag football league, many have been successful after leaving our program, not only in sports but also in academics and other pursuits.  I know some have played college football but Im still waiting for the first MHFF Alumni to get drafted by the NFL.  ;)

Joseph Olsen Jr (MHFF Alumni 2009-2013) - Former starting Guard/Tackle of the St Mary's High School Rams Varsity Football Team

Adreana Chavez (MHYC Alumni 2012-2014) - Former Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders at Mountain House High School

Josh Grande (MHFF Alumni 2010-2013) - Former starting WR and CB of the Mountain House High School Mustangs Varsity Football (2015-2016).  Team MVP and All League 2016.